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Welcome, one and all, to my attempt in convincing you that cancer has cured me. The majority of people on this planet may perceive cancer in a negative light, and rightfully so. Cancer took my grandfather from me, and it has been trying, for years now, to take me as well. The current perspective that I am taking from my diagnosis is that I am truly glad and blessed to have been given this disease.

Now, I want to throw a disclaimer in this homepage because I know that that last statement may upset many people who either have cancer, or have lost someone because of it. Cancer can be a daunting disease that impacts an individual both physically, and in my opinion, even more emotionally and mentally. However, I cannot sit here and sulk over my diagnosis because that is a completely draining strategic approach. So what have I done instead? I have seen the light in my diagnosis. I have realized that, before my cancer introduced itself to the world, I was living a life on autopilot. When I compare my pre-diagnosis life to the post-diagnosis life, I feel utterly blessed to have had the blindfold removed.

This blog will bring you along the journey that I have experienced, and continue to experience each and every day. Some of the content will be quite dark and fearful. However, one cannot realize the existence of light without recognizing the reality of darkness. I will do my best to explain to the reader why cancer has improved my life, not diminished it. I will give stories and lessons on mindfulness and its effect on my current life. The practice of mindfulness is where I would like this blog to transition towards once the reader has understood (or has gotten sick of reading about) my cancer awakening.

Mindfulness is a wonderful practice that has given me a completely different perspective on how I live my life. I hope to share my blog posts on the topic of mindfulness in order to give the reader, what I like to call, The Mindful Sight.

So please – join me in my endeavor on why cancer has led me to sincerely believe that: