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2020: The Year of Love and a Mask

I have not written a blog post in a very long time. What was I supposed to write about? It felt like every day, something more frightening than the day before was presented to us on the News. However, with the year of 2020 beginning to end, I felt as if this was my time to write to you all – so here I go….

I usually do not base my blog posts on the pictures shown above, but I believe that this one represents, exactly, the subject that I am trying to present to you, the reader.

This photo (thank you to the Nickelsons!) shows what I am hoping everyone has been trying to keep steady this year – 

Love and wearing a mask.

This year has been bizarre – and I am stating that nicely. After Leah and I got married, we wanted to spend some time together, just us two, before planning to eventually have our twin babies Luke and Leia Russo or maybe Harry and Hermione Russo. Well, being stuck inside for about a year now, we certainly achieved that goal – just not in the traveling, stress-free sort of way that we were hoping. Nonetheless, I try to appreciate the time we have had together, and I hope that you, the reader, can appreciate some sort of light hidden in this dark cloud of 2020 as well.

Some of the main points of The Mindful Sight was to share my personal story of this cancer that introduced itself to me back in 2014. I wanted to show appreciation to my family, friends, hometown of Gloucester, and my beautiful wife. In addition to these points, I also attempted to share, with the reader, how thankful one should be with the resources that lay in front of them. One may have a significant amount of money. Another may have a large group of friends. However, another may have lost their mother at such a young age. And another may have just lost their job. Everyone reading this blog may have their differences, but I can assure you that we do all have one thing in common….

We are all still alive.

Every single night, while I am closing my eyes and lying in bed, I have a quick thought of “I am so grateful that I had a full day today, and I pray that I will sleep well tonight.” And when I wake up every single morning, I have a similar thought of “I am so grateful that I had a good night’s sleep and that I woke up today.”

Now, people tell me all the time that I should not worry about things like that. And for the most part, I truly do not. But that does not mean that it has completely left my thoughts and memories. And now, this terrifying disease, COVID-19, has entered the world and everybody is, rightfully so and including myself, afraid of this sickness occurring during this year of Jumanji 2020.

But for all us cancer patients/survivors out there, we have already gone through this anxiety every single day since being diagnosed. That is why I started this blog – to try and have the reader understand how frightening this world can become. I know that people would just read a newly posted blog, feel really bad for me for about a minute or two, possibly send a heart emoji my way, and then get back to their normal life. However, that was not the point of this blog.

The point was to read this blog and try to incorporate it into your own lives, whether you too have cancer, or you are just simply stressed about your weight, relationship problems, lack of height (I hear you on that one), or any other kinds of stress in this world. Stress is stress and we all have it. But we are all still here.

Now that COVID is in this world, do you sort of understand the stress/anxiety I have gone through since 2014?

However, have you noticed all the increased number of baby photos on Facebook and Instagram right now? How about the photos showing couples still getting married? That is what the photo above shows – a wedding that we were able to safely attend since the couple made it very safe for the attendees despite the fact that the number of guests were demanded to be decreased. But that did not matter to them. The only thing that mattered was marrying the love of their life  – and that belief is beautiful. It is amazing and heart-warming. It makes me so happy that, despite this new disease, people are still starting their new families. Because LOVE is stronger than COVID.

Truly, at this moment, all I need is the love of my wife….and a mask.


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog and am happy to read that you are both well and healthy and always looking forward. As for the twins mention I hope and pray that also happens for you. Being one myself and having been blessed with them is joy beyond words. Love and Merry Christmas to you and your Bride.

  2. Jeff Muise Jeff Muise

    Paul, you always help put things into perspective, and I truly thank you for being an amazing man. Merry Christmas, and may the New Year bring you and Leah much love and happiness. ❤️

  3. Roberta Roberta

    Beautiful written yet again Paul, you are still one of the strongest young men I know. I so proud to have watched you grow from a baby to a married man, and be strong enough to continue to share your life with us.
    And when you are glad to have another day, and thankful for waking up again, GOD is not finished with you,,, he has plans for you my friend.
    And hopefully someday soon this virus with be behind us and we can all go back to “normal”

  4. Paul Ciaramitaro Paul Ciaramitaro

    That was excellent PAUL. The many particular points we’re all facing daily in 2020. How do we manage I ask myself after a long quarantine;
    to just be stress free living like I do, which is happily every day. Strength & stamina is a fine thing. Wearing a mask as; we will do this together to get through Covid19. Family, friends, neighbors & to you PAUL, We’re going to be alright. Positivity is how the day starts here, keep us driving forward cuz.

  5. Tracey Sousa Tracey Sousa

    Thanks for sharing Paul.can’t wait to see the pics of your future Children. As I begin my own journey in 2021, I have been inspired by your wisdom and mindfulness at such a young age.
    I taught you a little bit about hockey and you are teaching me about life. Thank you and hid bless

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