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Please feel free to reach out to me for any and all questions. You can even simply leave a comment if you wish. Any contribution that leads to further discussion is strongly encouraged.


  1. Rick Marshall Rick Marshall

    I look forward to reading about your insights !

  2. Rosalie. Imbrunone Rosalie. Imbrunone

    I would like the notifications

  3. Peter Kelley Peter Kelley

    Nice to read up on your sight Paul and glad you are doing well!! All is well here in Ft Myers and I survived the Hurricane!! Keep up the good work buddy!!

  4. John Prybot John Prybot

    Paul, I’d like to share with you something very connected to my own special place if you care to provide me with your personal e-mail contact

  5. Mary-Kate Canavan Mary-Kate Canavan

    Paul – it was so great bumping into you last night!

    We need another installation here on your blog – your story is so inspirational and you are very loved!

    Hugs to you, my dear lad!


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