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Mindful Writing

A Clouded Lense

As you may be able to tell via this blog, I love writing – and I find it very helpful in many aspects of my life. It would be an honor to share my experience of writing with this blog post, and hopefully it will allow you to see the real benefits that it can have on the mind.

Obviously, writing is not my profession. I am not paid to share this blog with you. And as we all know, being a writer is sometimes looked down upon within the business world. If you tell a recruiter that this is the career you wish to pursue, he/she may ridicule you for this decision. Personally, I know exactly how this feels because when I came into Bryant University, my initial minor was in Creative Writing. Many of my closest family members and friends may not even know this about me, and here is why – I was loving the Creative Writing classes so much, but I was convinced that this type of minor would not be suited well with my other business-related classes. So instead of a Creative Writing minor, I received a minor in Applied Statistics.

Looking back, it is disappointing that business is the reason I switched my minors, but the past cannot be altered, so it is better to move onwards.


My Recommendations on Writing

I understand that writing may not be for everyone. Do I believe that writing in a journal will solve all of your problems in life? Absolutely not. There is no such existence of one singular thing that will fix everything in your life. Writing is only an ingredient to a recipe of calming the mind.

Personally, I try write in my journal every evening before bed. The posting can be as simple as you wish. For example, I write two things that I am grateful for, whether it be about the day I just had, or bigger things in my life. Then, I always try to end the posting with an inspirational quote.

I am certainly in favor of having a handwritten journal as opposed to some sort of app or keeping an online journal. To me, seeing your own handwriting has so much more meaning than simply typing your thoughts (ironically what I am doing at this exact moment whilst I write this blog post).

Most importantly, there is no need to share this journal with anyone other than yourself. This is a direct reflection on what I try to explain to everyone that I talk to – it is not the opinions of external figures that matter, but instead, it is your personal inner consciousness that is completely in your control. Take a look at one of the most timeless, inspirational books in the world titled The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. This book was truly a personal journal by the Roman Emperor that he wrote in every night. After his death, his writings of Stoicism were preserved and made into a book that will forever be one of my favorite books of all time.


External Readers

Despite the notion of writing being extremely beneficial to oneself, I also love writing as it relates to sharing my thoughts and ideas to the outside world. I may not be a professional writer, but I have been through enough in my life to understand that my experiences should not be kept within, because it is selfish to keep the lessons I have learned to myself and not to share them to the world. The reader may not be able to connect with this blog, or they simply may not care enough to continue to read my writings, but that is perfectly fine. Someone out there will be able to connect with my thoughts.

If you are one of those people, then thank you very much. I hope I am making a difference in your life, no matter how little it may be. I encourage you to try writing for yourself, whether it be in a handwritten journal, an online app, or a blog.


Stay Mindful.


  1. judy parisi judy parisi

    Love your blogs…your feelings are as much a part of us than a limb, etc. When I become full of information that is so overwhelming, I like to send a email to someone I respect or call & just vent. Just by typing this little message makes my life a little less weight full if that is a word. I have become so anxious when you have a blog to share, as I love to be just a little part of your life even if it is just to be a listener.

  2. Julie Sanfilippo Julie Sanfilippo

    Paul, I learn more about you with every blog. After reading it I always feel calm and hopeful. Thank you

  3. Paul, you are a really incredible person in my own eyes– and surely in those of the people fortunate to know you personally as well as get to experience you through this special site you are expanding that holds within it the very being that is you with with the topics of contemplation through aspects of your story that impress me as a succession of concentric ripples moving outwards from the point of impact where a tossed pebble flung outwards far over a body of still water comes to strike, breaking the calm and in the process rippling outwards and away until that disruption has extended to the far end of it reach. For me you and what you hold out here are rippling out to touch expanse of my consciousness. What might I compare you and your impact to? It would be appropriate and no exaggeration to see you through and in your writing as a comet lighting up a night sky with a special intensity of brightness. Or a shooting star that streaks suddenly across the void of darkness, flashing unexpectedly into view as if out of nowhere to hold a viewer beyond its passing with the sheer intensity of experiencing its appearance retaining attention long after it has vanished. Truly through these entries are doorways to possibilities beyond their thresholds inviting our willingness to commit ourselves to such communion. I for one am ready to commit myself to this exploration through support and appreciation. As we all approach the end of another year of life with our national day of Thanksgiving fresh behind us, the impulse of that occasion reaches out to the inspiration that are you and your writing to thank you for who you are and what you are doing sharing your personal circumstances and enabling this means of connection, support, wellwishes, fellowship and all we might be for you through your site and beyond its confines. You are a really wonderful writer, Paul, gifted in expression and compelling in the appeal and application of what you have to say and the way you say it. THANK YOU!!! many times over for having the courage and will to bring your experiences before us with the deeply personal engagement and connectedness you enable through these entries.

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