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My One Wish

Everyone has goals in their lives that they wish to achieve. These goals could range from having a good cup of coffee tomorrow morning to landing on Mars someday.

In this blog post, I would like to share my most important goal that I wish to achieve in this life –

I wish to grow old with Leah.

More specifically, I hope that one day, being old and wrinkly (probably not bald though, if you have ever met my thick-and-never-going-grey-haired Italian parents), I am sitting on the porch next to Leah. I always imagine that she will look just as beautiful as she did the day I first met her. We will be sitting on that rocking bench next to each other. We will most likely be in pajama gowns since that will probably be our entire wardrobe anyways. I will be reading the Gloucester Daily Times, and she will be sipping on her perfectly made coffee with milk and sugar. In all reality, I will probably be almost deaf by then and Leah will be almost blind – which means we would combine to make one reasonable human being.

Most people in their twenties may not want to be old quite yet. But I have already spent too many nights in a hospital bed. I have already taken too many prescription medications and too many doctor’s appointments.

All I want to be is old and wrinkly.

If I am able to achieve this, then I would happily allow the Lord to take me with Him whenever He deems necessary (just make sure Leah is with me please!).

Now, I hope that you did not read this blog post and question why I did not mention children, a big house, happy retirement, grandchildren, etc. Think about my ultimate goal in life as previously mentioned. If I am on the porch with my beautiful, wrinkly wife, then what do you think we would be talking about?

We would be talking about our children, one boy and one girl (Luke and Leia). We would be arguing about how much I stink and need to take a shower. We would be talking about what dinner is going to be that night despite the fact that it is only 6:30am (which most likely meant we slept for 12 hours that night). We would be talking about our beautiful grandchildren and how much we love them more than Luke and Leia. We would be looking at our wedding album and attempting to hold back tears due to how beautiful Leah looked that day.

We would be laughing at this cancer that tried to make this wish unattainable. 

We would be holding hands the entire time.

My wish is to grow old with Leah. If that can be achieved, all those other wishes will have already come true.


  1. Sandra palazola Sandra palazola

    As usual Grandson, you have touched my heart. I wish all that for you and more! Love you lots, grandma

  2. As usual Grandson, you have touched my heart. I wish you all of that and more love you lots, grandma

  3. Rosemarie Vizena Rosemarie Vizena

    This was so great. You are wise.

  4. Dean Dean


  5. Donna Lupo Donna Lupo

    this made my day…my year, makes me appreciate life and all its ups n downs.
    I think your amazing n your love story is amazing💗🌈
    Happy “slow aging”
    say hi to your parents for me too

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