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Gloucester, Massachusetts

If you are not from Gloucester, I highly recommend that you plan a visit whenever you can. There is a reason that outsiders make jokes saying that “people from Gloucester never get over the bridge.” The scenery is truly astounding – so much so that movies are constantly being filmed here. The downtown area is full of culture, history, and art that simply cannot be viewed in its entirety in a day’s time. The beaches here are world renowned, and from the months of June through September, the beach parking lots are usually full by 10am. The Stacy Boulevard, with its recently planted tulips, is something to gaze at for hours on end. Personally, my favorite activity is to walk downtown onto Main Street, purchase an iced coffee from the Lone Gull Coffee House, and then continue to walk downtown and eventually end up on the boulevard. However, the physical structures are not the sole reason behind this city’s uniqueness. Yes, these scenes are what gives Gloucester the surface attraction, but it is the community that portrays the heart and soul of my hometown.

The People of Gloucester

When I was diagnosed, my family, friends, and loved ones were not the only people who supported me. People I had never even met before reached out to me and gave their support, solely because they did not want to see a fellow resident and his family mourn in such a way. Before this blessing of a tumor inhabited my brain, I had every intention of leaving Gloucester in order to live the “big city” life. Now though, I plan to give back every ounce of my love to this community in any way possible.

Luckily enough, I am able to be an employee of the municipality that is the City of Gloucester. This enables me to give back to this city both personally and professionally, which I absolutely love,. Despite the drug that is political backlash from what seems to be every single American in this country, it needs to be known that the people on the other side of those City Hall office doors would bleed for this community. Hence my gratitude for being able to call these people my leaders and my bosses.

Mindful Gloucester

This website is one of the many ways I plan to give back to Gloucester via a personal lens. Already, I have been told by readers that these few blogs have made them take a step back in their own lives, and enjoy the present moment instead of allowing their mind to dwell on the past or stress about the future.

I absolutely love hearing from you about how Mindfulness has helped you, even if just for a brief moment. If you ever see me taking my downtown walk, sitting on the beautiful beach, or ordering my iced coffee from a local coffee shop, never hesitate to tap me on the shoulder if you wish to discuss Mindfulness.

When you are experiencing your own form of Mindfulness within Gloucester, make sure you take a second to smell that aroma of saltwater in the air. Make sure you enjoy that bite of a George’s breakfast (before you find that you cannot move from being so full).  Make sure you take five minutes out of your day to enjoy that sunset over Niles Beach due to its utter beauty. Make sure you take a Mindful breath when you are stopped at the drawbridge. Trust me, I know how frustrating it is – but look out over the water that is right next to you. Stressing about that bridge is not worth it. Be Mindful of the beauty around you and try not to be blind of it because of that meeting you have tomorrow or that annoying bill you had to just pay.

Stay Mindful, Gloucester.


Thank you to Elinor Teele for allowing me to use her photograph of City Hall and the Man at the Wheel. Her photography is absolutely stunning and can be found at


  1. Auntie Julie Auntie Julie

    I am now practicing mindfulness. You are truly an amazing writer and my inspiration. ❤️

  2. Marianne Marianne

    Knowing you and reading your posts continues to help put it all in perspective. Wise beyond your years and graced by our loving Father. Keep sharing! Be back in Gloucester soon to enjoy the boulevard and beaches!

  3. Kelly Quince Kelly Quince

    Gloucester is an amazing community ⚓️ The city always pulls together to help someone in need. Beautiful insite Paul for a Beautiful community ❤️

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