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Slow Down: Chapter II (Work Stress)

When rereading the previous blog entitled “Slow Down”, I decided that I had barely scratched the surface of how important it is to slow down in this life, hence why I retitled that post to “Slow Down (Intro)”.

There are many subtopics under the tree of slowing down, and this chapter is all about one branch – slowing down at work. If you are a Manager, Director, Chief Executive, etc., then you may despise this post. However, I have personally witnessed the mental pain that our jobs in this country do to us.

Some people take their work-stress and wear it like a badge of honor because of the result that comes from working so intensely. To them, it may be worth: losing sleep over, increasing that paycheck a significant amount, taking that extra shot of alcohol on Friday night because they “deserve it after a long week”, or even accepting the cold they caught going into work rather than working from home that day or taking a sick day to rest. 

How would I know anything about this? Because it literally has been accepted as a normal part of life. It is unfortunate, but it is true. Nowadays, you are able to find books, take therapy directly related to your stressful job, and be prescribed medication with the only reason being that your job stresses you out. 

Does anyone see the problem with this? Instead of trying to take care of how to solve stress within the workplace, we have chosen to simply numb the stress with outside solutions as mentioned above. Now please do not get me wrong – I stress an absurd amount because of work. We all do. If you do not, please share your secret. Finding something that you are passionate about and somehow get paid to do it is a dream of mine. However, the most upsetting word in that previous sentence is “dream.”

I have a saying about this stress in the jobs of today. “Employers assign work today, that was due yesterday.” This makes us stress about a deadline with no preparation whatsoever, especially since this deadline was impossible to predict until that deadline had already passed.

I hope you are not reading this blog post with the assumption that I am going to share the ultimate answer – because I do not have that answer. All I can share is that I wish for you to try hard to slow everything down and do your very best on the current project in front of you. Anything above that is literally beyond your control.

Please just slow down. Because if you are working your very hardest, but your boss does not approve, try to feel bad for that person, not yourself. In reality, they need more help than you do.

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