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Slow Down: Chapter III (Give Me a Minute)

Wow, does that picture look like me? Anyways…..

Have you ever been told, from a parent or a boss, that calling someone is ALWAYS easier than sending a text or an email? The reasoning is normally because you will get your answer right away. The person giving this advice usually believes that sending a text/email is a sign of laziness or fear of hearing someone’s voice on the other line. That may be true for some people – but please allow me to explain why I sometimes disagree with this idea that is incorrectly stated as a fact.

This is how my Slow Down approach comes to mind. Personally, I sometimes prefer to write an email or send a text, and if you believe that that is too “millennial” of me, then you can go ahead and stop reading this blog post immediately. 

Sometimes, an email/text helps me to say exactly what I am trying to say, whether that be a question or a statement. I also realize that if I am contacting you in this way, I am not expecting to hear an answer in a few seconds post-sent. Now, let’s be serious for a moment. I am not going to text my wife if I get a noogie from a big ole bully. I am not going to email my parents when the first born child is on his/her way. I am not going to send a sick emoji to my boss if I need a day off. And I would hope vice versa to someone trying to contact me. If someone calls me on a Tuesday and asks what I am doing that coming weekend, I am not always going to have an answer for them. If a colleague calls me for an immediate answer, I may not know until I do some research.

Sometimes, our lives are too demanding of an immediate answer. Being highlighted in the spotlight can give me serious anxiety. That is not how I perform my best personal or professional results. That is why I do not believe that the idea of calling someone, or picking up that phone call, is always the best approach, regardless of what generation you are.

Slow down. Stop demanding immediate answers (obviously unless it is truly needed). Just slow down.


  1. Michelle Michelle

    Paul as usual you are right on…stay well ❤️

  2. I completely agree. Like you, writing allows me to pause & think about what I’m trying to convey. Nicely said!

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