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The Simplicity of Mindfulness

At this point in time with The Mindful Sight, I hope the reader is able to understand that the practice of Mindfulness is not, in any way, shape, or form, a religious practice. Nor is it a practice that requires you to purchase a set of tools on Amazon in order to achieve a mindful mindset.

Simple, But Not Easy

The way I see it is, mindfulness is simple, but it is not easy. It brings meaning to the present moment whilst giving less stock in tomorrow or yesterday. Here are a few introductory ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life:


  • Mindful Eating: The next time you have a meal, try to keep your phone in the other room and sit with the person(s) you are enjoying your meal with. It is no different if you are alone. Simply enjoy your meal because food intake is nothing more than nourishing your own body in order for you to keep moving in life.


  • Meditation: There is a zen proverb that I absolutely love when it comes to the idea of meditation. It says “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” Do not read too directly into this proverb. It does not set a rule for meditation whatsoever. Instead, it presents an idea that, if you believe you are too busy to give yourself twenty minutes a day to calm your mind, then you need to reevaluate how you perceive your daily operations.


  • Conversing Mindfully: If you are having a conversation with someone, I can almost guarantee that I am able to guess how the inner workings of that conversation is structured. You are half listening to the other person talking because the other half is trying to come up with what you are about to say next. Instead, try to listen fully to this other person, and take a second to reflect on what he/she just said, and then respond in a more mindful approach.


  • Mindful Emotions: If you are feeling stressed out about something, do not allow the snowball to gain momentum, and size, by rolling down the mountain. Instead, try to be aware of this stress and come back to your breath. Accept the stress and work towards what needs to be done in order to decrease its liveliness. Within the same concept, if you are feeling overjoyed and confident, try to stay grounded and accept these good feelings by being aware of them at this very moment. This is why I am a fan of the Lokai brand (those bracelets you may see me wearing). Lokai goes by the notion “Sometimes you are on top – Stay Humble. Sometimes you have hit a low – Stay Hopeful.”


Now You Try

Now think about these concepts that I have just gone over. How simple are they to implement into your life? You may say to yourself:

“Eating a meal mindfully while keeping your phone in the other room? That seems easy!”

“Listening to someone fully while in a conversation? I’ll do that in my very next conversation!”

But believe me, reader, these things may sound simple, but they are not easy. These are the types of lifestyles that most people have now put on autopilot because we believe that that meeting we have tomorrow is what needs to be focused on, or we may not have time to enjoy that meal because we need to eat quickly and then get ready for tomorrow.

If you have convinced yourself of these ideas, then I strongly recommend taking a step back and trying to incorporate mindfulness in your life. You do not necessarily have to dive head first into mindfulness. Take it step by step. The next meal you have, leave your phone in the other room – just try it!

I will be explaining these specifics on mindfulness as these blog posts continue. I just wanted the reader to understand how simple this practice can be. Major life changes are not what this practice brings – it is truly just switching the lens of the perception within your own life, mindfully.

Stay Mindful.


  1. Kelly Quince Kelly Quince

    Nice job ❤️

  2. Julie Sanfilippo Julie Sanfilippo

    i have to try and listen then reflect for a moment then reply.. This can be difficult for me because I am always thinking of what to say or i get lost or bored. Lol. . Just letting go and taking a moment to think In other words take your time We are always rushing life.

    Thanks again for the insight.

    Meditation class?

  3. Judy parisi Judy parisi

    Yes we are all in that mindset to listen and comprehend what’s been said. I try to stay in the moment. I know our moments are precious and we need to keep our minds in the here and now and not always in the past or future.

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